Felt shitty in the morning aka wanna do nothing all day but we made ourselves get dressed and go to APE because we knew we would have fun.

We totes did. They had this sweet shuttle this year which I hope they have from now on because that was awesome. Usually the bus you gotta take down there is kinda sketch so the shuttle was super cool.

Holy shit so many cuties this year, holy fuck. Girls, guys, didn’t matter, all hella cute. I guess you get the glasses and beard and fashion crowd whenever you mention ‘indie’ with anything.

Realized that I was at a con called ‘APE’ and wearing a tank top with bananas on it. Face palmed.

Saw a Doctor Who cosplayer which was bad ass even though we don’t even watch the Doctor. He was hella good. That’s what APE needs, more cosplayers. Saw some lolitas too, always cute.

Sat through the Queer Cartoonists Panel and the Drawing Inspiration one. Both were kinda meh shmeh. Although the Queer one was interesting.

Visited the Adventure Time peeps and we’re so going back there tomorrow to buy shit and ask questions and get sketches. Yup.

Actually gotta buy hella shit tomorrow, damn…
[Posted October 1st, 2011 at 11:10 PM]
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